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October 28, 2009


The Apple iPhone with the new camera, with geo-localization softwares, slideshow etc is now a very useful device to go for many photographers.

Now there is an interesting free application called iFolio. In iFolio photographers can publish a selection of their portfolio, 50 photos maximum. Of course it is possible to split the portfolio by themes.

iFolio allow to browse the portfolio both on-line and off-line, in this case using the iPhone cache memory.

Who love photography can browse many portfolios.

Photographers can update in real time their portfolio, there is a server side free application to update. Of course for any photographer there are contact info and professional profile.

It is possible to browse photos in a portfolio all together in gallery mode, or in single mode using a slideshow or the classic touch gesture.

Artist are listed on the base of a ranking system. The ranking is related to how many users add an artist as a favorite one…there is also my portfolio inside…so please if you like it…

More info on iFolio from this page:

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