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June 20, 2008

Dian Fossey

National Geographics reprint original articles about gorillas by Dian Fossey. Here original photos.

Apple TV for your photos

An intersting article on how to use Apple TV to watch your photos...better than watch a TV show!

June 18, 2008


Waiting for the new iPhone 3g with A-gps on board, here a useful guide for geotagging photos on a mac. Here another page for Geotagging with a PALM.
Here a very useful web site about Geocaching.

Security and photographer rights

Bruce Schneier, a security expert write a post about security and photographers.
He publish 3 intersting links about "photographer rights" in Uk, US and Australia.
I suggest to download documents and keep it in your bag.

June 17, 2008


Questo è il primo post di un blog che nasce come promemoria delle informazioni interessanti trovate o segnalatemi sul settore della fotografia. Spero che possa tornare utile anche ad altri colleghi fotografi, sia professionisti che dilettanti.
Essendo spesso all'estero molti post saranno in inglese, vorrete scusarmi di questo. Comunque il mio inglese è molto spaghetti...english quindi...non preoccupatevi più di tanto.


This is the first post published here. This blog born as a memo for my passion and new profession in photography. I will publish news, web site, tips & tricks and any other useful information. I hope it help many friends and colleagues.
Many post will be in my...spaghetti-English, so, sorry in advance for any error.