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June 25, 2011

where to sign a fine art photo?

Inspired from a question on I want to interact with my readers.

Where to sign a fine art photo? On the photo or on the mat?

I sign the photo, mainly for two reason:
a) the mat can be changed, for many reasons
b) did you see any painter sign his/her artwork on the mat or on the frame?

if you win at an island

Just in case any of you are lucky to win lottery...or 10 private island to buy

June 22, 2011

iPhone Geotag in Aperture

iPhone Geotag uses the iPhone location to tag Places for your photos in iPhoto and Aperture

Mobile Apps and the web

Mobile apps are used more than the web

June 20, 2011

Sony Alpha DSLR (and others) tethered on Apple Aperture 3

It appear a problem using a Sony Alpha (700 850 900 etc) to tethered on Apple Aperture 3.

First of all be sure to have the Sony Remote Camera Control, it discontinued on Sony support site, find it on the original camera CD.

Set the camera in USB: PC REMOTE, connect the USB cable to the camera and test it.

To use directly Aperture 3, download this free plugin from Apple web site.

Run it, set the directory where to pick up the photos...and be sure to set the same in Sony Remote Camera Control Software, set an existing or new project for Aperture, where to import the photos, set if you want to import photos in Aperture library or only to refer it as master files and finish the installation.

Now your are ready. You can shot by the camera button or by the Remote Control button, after few second you will see the photo appear on Aperture selected project.

The plug in work with every DSLR having their property remote control software.

Hope it help


Funny video about photography

June 19, 2011

What happen on the web in 60seconds?

An infographic on what happen every 20 seconds on the web

by DPS ...$1600 photography adv mistake

On Digital Photography School a useful note on how to lost $1600 in adv and how to avoid!

June 16, 2011

Gagosian on iPad

Larry Gagosian, the "king" of art ;) just present an app for iPad, it's free.